Saturday, April 25, 2009

born again

Okay, this is terribly embarrassing, but I will admit it anyway... I never really listened to Bob Dylan. In the past I had heard a few songs which I enjoyed immensely, but I never felt the immediate urge to run out and purchase his whole discography or even listen to his music on my own time. It seems to me that never having truly listened to Bob Dylan is like never having listened to the Beatles, both slightly embarrassing because without them you are a bit pop-culturally challenged. Last night I heard the song I Want You and I honestly realized what my life has been missing (!BOB!). I Want You is the kind of song that I would want to play in a beautiful scene in a film of my life. From this day on, I am born again... I am accepting Bob Dylan into my life.

Speaking of enlightenment, I am super inspired as of late...

But, boo hoo. I just made a collage of things I want to DIY and for some unknown reason, I x'd out of the program and pressed do not save.

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  1. hey babes.. i saw you thru chictopia. love your style. i am glad you started a blog!!
    shall we link one another??

    my link.