Friday, August 7, 2009

Over the Hills and Far Away

I am so terrible at making regular posts..

Its not like there is anyone I am letting down, though! Hah. Anyway, I have traveled from NYC (where I was taking classes for a month) to Michigan and now to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina in a matter of days. Where I am right now is so incredibly beautiful, and it doesn't hurt that there are a bunch of great vintage stores (for very cheap) in town. The hat I wore today is actually a purchase from one of the antique stores over here. Although I am probably writing this for an audience of 0 or maybe one curious blog-surfer, I thought these pictures from today were too good to leave un-posted (although, I did post them to my chictopia). My 13 year old brother (who took the photos of me) is quite the photographer, no?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yee Hee and Rest In Peace, Michael J.

We were talking about him today, Michael Jackson. I was visiting a friend, walked upstairs, and stumbled upon him swiveling his hips and flailing his arms, singing along to “Get up off that thing”. I joined him: clapped my hands and swung my head. Then, I flung myself onto the bed beside him and he paused to change the song to one by the Jackson five. As I often do when something succeeds to satiate my hunger for awe and delight, I let my eyelids softly fall. I never could understand the enigma that was Michael Jackson. How one so young could have a voice so soulful, mellifluous. How that little black child with skin the warm hue of earth and a beautiful, wide nose ended up with white skin milkier than your average Caucasian and a nose he could hardly breathe through. He was plagued by demons, or something fucked up, that was for sure. But, perhaps someday, under some strange circumstance, I would meet him and know more. The Jackson five was no longer playing, now it was Al Green, but Michael Jackson was still on my mind. As I looked up toward the ceiling, I asked my friend if he knew whether or not Michael had come up with any new album in recent years. Before he answered, I continued. I said, he is going to have an amazing comeback, I know it, and I can’t wait. My comment went unanswered, so I forgot about Michael Jackson and sang aloud to the Al Green song. The room was humid and stuffy and our shirts were sticking to our backs, so we went downstairs and hopped in my car. A few hours later, between placing our food orders and receiving the main dishes during dinner with my boyfriend, he received a text message. It said that Michael Jackson was dead! And I asked my boyfriend if I had heard correctly, and if he had truly said what I thought he had said. He confirmed. Some hours later, I spoke to my friend Jordan, whom I had been with earlier. I told him how na├»ve I was, thinking that Michael Jackson would actually have this great comeback. His reply made me think, but it still didn’t sway my stance. He said he thought that the demise of Michael Jackson was the greatest comeback at all. I gave it a minute of thought and still disagreed, death was a lame excuse for a comeback. Michael Jackson had failed to burn out, for he had faded away. He went out with everything but a bang: a death by natural causes. What a tragically mundane way to go for the King of Pop. A man who possessed unearthly talent and spooky idiosyncrasies, a man who was never afraid to admit that he never wanted to grow up, who managed somehow to drastically change the color of his skin, a man who seemed so un-human and untouchable, died in the fashion of an average man. I don’t quite think we expected him to ever meet his demise, and if we ever did, we wouldn’t have ever deemed cardiac arrest the proper death for royalty. No matter how the life of Michael Jackson would end, his memory was and is sure to be immortal. Sadly, like the King of Rock and Roll, his legendary persona will be minimized to a mere caricature, a sequin-clad impersonator in Vegas, remembered as an icon, not someone who was once a living, breathing person. It may be cynical, but I believe one hundred percent that it will happen. When his death, though not poetic or legendary by any means should indeed teach us that he was real, a man born and dead under no special circumstance, like any average man.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I dont really need them but..

Then again, I do. I need these Forever twenty one items, although I hardly have room in my two closets to fit them, and I most likely should not be purchasing any more close until i put more mileage on the others.. I would pair the paisley tunic with the palazzo pants.. and now I am day dreaming.

Speaking of daydreams, for the past couple of days I have been fantasizing about this island I invented. In my recurring daydream, I live in a colorfully painted shingled home on the beach among the natives of the island. Naturally, I am fluent in their language and I fit right into their peaceful world. On this Island, I live off of fruits, for I have avocado trees, mango trees, coconut trees, banana trees, and basically every other fruit tree you can think of. There are ladders leading up to the trees and painted in bright hues, so I can pick and eat them at my leisure. y days would begin with mango and end dancing and signing around a bonfire with my native friends. Surely, if this were to come true in a week, I would pack the paisley pants and a floppy hat. Ahh my imagination does get the best of me.

And if I were to pack an I-pod, Holly Miranda would surely be on it. I saw her live the other night and she kicked ass. Check her out here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Polyvore fun

These are the product of messing around on Polyvore which is quite fun and an easy way to illustrate concepts and ideas.

Just got back from a beautiful place filled with kindred spirits, good laughs, swelling, gorgeous music, and fried food. Will be sure to make a post about it tomorrow.


Poor, lousy blog... I am so sorry that I abandoned you

I am afraid this summer has been too busy and too crazy, and somehow in the midst of tossing my cap in the air, dancing the night away at prom, riding roller coasters, kissing a boy, kayaking on my lake, painting tee shirts, reading in the sun, bonfires, daydreams, vegetable jahlfrazy, and Laura Marling's sweet serenades, I completely abandoned this poor old blog.

But I am back, and I would like to say HEY! 1 follower. How are you doing? Thank you for following me!

I have been painting tee shirts as of late.. here is shirt number one.

I am planning on selling them on etsy sometime soon (once I have painted enough, and when that happens I will post the link to the shop site.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

born again

Okay, this is terribly embarrassing, but I will admit it anyway... I never really listened to Bob Dylan. In the past I had heard a few songs which I enjoyed immensely, but I never felt the immediate urge to run out and purchase his whole discography or even listen to his music on my own time. It seems to me that never having truly listened to Bob Dylan is like never having listened to the Beatles, both slightly embarrassing because without them you are a bit pop-culturally challenged. Last night I heard the song I Want You and I honestly realized what my life has been missing (!BOB!). I Want You is the kind of song that I would want to play in a beautiful scene in a film of my life. From this day on, I am born again... I am accepting Bob Dylan into my life.

Speaking of enlightenment, I am super inspired as of late...

But, boo hoo. I just made a collage of things I want to DIY and for some unknown reason, I x'd out of the program and pressed do not save.

Friday, April 24, 2009

just a neophyte

Ello, ello, ello. Typical first-blog-entry title I know... but honestly, I am relatively new to all facets of the blogging world. My addiction began fairly recently (not even a month ago) when I started a chictopia account; it was probably how it happened for many: lurking led to posting, which ultimately brought on this full-fledged addiction. I am kind of exaggerating, but truly, this online sharing of ideas has been a huge inspiration and has opened my mind and pushed my creativity further than I thought it would reach. I'll let this be yet another vessel for self-expression and another extension of myself... yadda yadda. But I'm sincerely interested to see where this takes me.