Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poor, lousy blog... I am so sorry that I abandoned you

I am afraid this summer has been too busy and too crazy, and somehow in the midst of tossing my cap in the air, dancing the night away at prom, riding roller coasters, kissing a boy, kayaking on my lake, painting tee shirts, reading in the sun, bonfires, daydreams, vegetable jahlfrazy, and Laura Marling's sweet serenades, I completely abandoned this poor old blog.

But I am back, and I would like to say HEY! 1 follower. How are you doing? Thank you for following me!

I have been painting tee shirts as of late.. here is shirt number one.

I am planning on selling them on etsy sometime soon (once I have painted enough, and when that happens I will post the link to the shop site.

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