Saturday, June 20, 2009

I dont really need them but..

Then again, I do. I need these Forever twenty one items, although I hardly have room in my two closets to fit them, and I most likely should not be purchasing any more close until i put more mileage on the others.. I would pair the paisley tunic with the palazzo pants.. and now I am day dreaming.

Speaking of daydreams, for the past couple of days I have been fantasizing about this island I invented. In my recurring daydream, I live in a colorfully painted shingled home on the beach among the natives of the island. Naturally, I am fluent in their language and I fit right into their peaceful world. On this Island, I live off of fruits, for I have avocado trees, mango trees, coconut trees, banana trees, and basically every other fruit tree you can think of. There are ladders leading up to the trees and painted in bright hues, so I can pick and eat them at my leisure. y days would begin with mango and end dancing and signing around a bonfire with my native friends. Surely, if this were to come true in a week, I would pack the paisley pants and a floppy hat. Ahh my imagination does get the best of me.

And if I were to pack an I-pod, Holly Miranda would surely be on it. I saw her live the other night and she kicked ass. Check her out here.

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